Retail Services Overview

A Cardtronics cash machine increases customer frequency and turnover, delivering more sales and more bottom-line profit to your locations.

Cardtronics has proven itself time and again, working with many of the world’s largest retail brands alongside key retailers across Germany and Europe. We provide solutions tailored to the needs of our retail customers, solutions that maximize total program profitability and customer satisfaction.

Retail Chains

Cardtronics built its business serving the needs of large retail chains, companies for whom brand integrity, superior service, and complete accountability are critical. We are able to solve your ATM network needs across your entire footprint, in every location nationwide and even outside Germany.

For every engagement, Cardtronics provides:

  •  Location selection consulting and professional installation
  •  Turnkey services, including cash provisioning, processing and maintenance
  •  Service performance guarantee with regular reporting and complete transparency

Cardtronics works with all of the major ATM manufacturers and has extensive experience in crafting custom ATM solutions to match the style and design of your locations, inside the store or in an exterior environment. Our custom ATM housing options draw the attention of consumers and may include digital advertising screens, backlit light boxes, and more to deliver your unique message.

Service Stations & Foodservice

A Cardtronics ATM is an engine for growth, delivering revenue and customer traffic that turbocharges income production.

When they visit your store, customers are presented a well-rounded offering of services, of which cash access is a critical component. Refuel, grab a snack or cup of coffee, purchase a daily newspaper… all this and cash too. It’s a critical value proposition that your customers demand, giving you:

  •  More revenue at the pump
  •  More revenue at the restaurant
  •  More revenue at the store

As the global expert in ATM solutions, Cardtronics is uniquely positioned to provide the guidance, knowledge and support for launching your ATM services, and the maintenance, cash replenishment and ongoing services needed to perform flawlessly for you and your customers.

Cardtronics offers a range of ATM solutions, from single devices to nationwide networks. We will develop a unique solution that fulfills your specific needs for customer service, customer acquisition, revenue production and sales performance.

Mobile Event ATMs

Be it a folk festival, Christmas market, trade show or open-air concert, your guests need cash to make the most of their experience and you need cash in their hands to maximize your event sales and profitability. But all too often, there is no ATM nearby, no easy source of cash to serve event vendors and attendees.

Because they often don’t have a permanent site, such events often lack adequate cash access for attendees who want to purchase food, crafts or other items. Cardtronics operates a fleet of mobile and trailer-mounted ATMs that can be deployed to virtually any physical location for a short-term or long-term assignment, ensuring plentiful cash access to keep sales flowing.

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Turn Withdrawals Into Sales

Cardtronics can unlock the full value of your ATM by driving more users, cash-in-hand, to the point-of-sale. How? By advertising your promotions, specials, and key products directly to users as they conduct the ATM transaction and are fully engaged with your message.

Our robust and proprietary marketing software provides total campaign management with effective targeting and communication capabilities unmatched in the industry. Key features include:

  •   Remotely deploy and manage content
  •   Targeting of time-of-day, day-of-week, ATM card and more
  •   Direct response capabilities
  •   Printed coupon fulfillment via ATM receipt
  •   Full-motion video advertising options

Cardtronics turns ATM users into buyers – increasing register rings and basket size while increasing your bottom line.